Charter Members:

We pay tribute to our Charter Members: Moses G. Miles, L.H.B. Foote, Robert “Pete” Griffin, T.J. Perry, Sr., E.E. Ware, Sr., Samuel Howell, William H. Gray, Jr., Wilmoth H. Baker, Sr., Clifton Jones, Richard Dunn, William Morris, Jr., and A.W. Wright.

And to those who were instrumental in the development of our House in Tallahassee, Florida:
Brother Dr. C.U. Smith


Spring 1959 (April 30, 1959)

James Barrett

James R. Ford

Charlie Jenkins, Sr.

Spring/Sum 1963

Theodore W. Rose

Fall 1971 (August 31, 1971)

Eugene Lamb

Spring 1975 (January 1, 1975)

Donald A. Griffin

Spring 1980 (February 8, 1980)

Eddie Jackson

Alphonso B. Whitaker

Spring 1981 (May 1, 1981)

Kenneth Darby (May 9, 1981)

Maurice Holder

Summer 1982 (June 5, 1982)

Michael A.  James (June 7, 1982)

James H. Haynes

Floyd L. Reeves (June 1, 1982)

Samuel Sims

Ronald Lumpkin (May 4, 1982)

Summer 1985 (July, 15, 1985)

Crayton C. Kidd

Henry Lewis, III

Larry K. White

Spring 1987 (February 14, 1987)

Lorenzo Alexander

Jerold Davis

Leroy H. Mack

Ansu Mason

John L. McMillian

Michael J. Meares, MD

Curtis Richardson

Henrique F. Tokpa

Summer 1989 (June 22, 1989)

James Brown

Charley Grant

Glenn Hodges

Theodore Hemmingway

Spring 1990 (March 20, 1990)- Sons of Zimba

Ufot Inamete

Harold Uzzell

Gary V. Goodwin

Marvin Henderson

Alfred Dennis

Fall 1991 (October 13, 1991) –“The Luxorians”

Gregory J. Harris

Charles Anderson (Omega Chapter)

Rudy Maloy

Spring  1995 (May 27, 1995)- “The Pharaonic Six”

Patrick L. Johnson

Darrell L. Lawrence

Keith L. Pope-

Darrell L. Feagin

Jerry L. Moore, Jr.

Rodney A. Roberts

Fall 1996 (November 16, 1996) – “Dawn of a New Day”

Mark Bynum-Smiley J

Kenneth D. Pratt-Twitch

Spring  1997 (May 18, 1997)

Pierre M. Nealy

James L. Saylor, III

Kendall Campbell

Fall 1997 (November 11, 1997) “The One”

Roger Dowe


Spring  1998 (April 4, 1998)

Shelton Rivers

Fall 1998 (November 14, 1998)

Roderick Rolle

Ray McGhee

Spring  1999 (1)-(March 6, 1999)

Daniel J. Dye

Anthony Smith

LeeShawn  D. Thomas

Anthony Jones

Spring  1999 (2) April 3, 1999)- Not Without Malice

Gareth Forde

Fall 1999 (November 13, 1999)

Henry Perry, III

David McLaughlin

Nashawndre Moore

The Millennial Dynastic Period-The New Millennium-Millennial Administration

Fall 2000- The First Millennial Dynasty (November 11, 2000)

Michael Woodward 

Ryan D.  Simmons 

Spring 2001- The Second Millennial Dynasty (March 31, 2001)

Dallas Evans

*Gregory Williams (Omega Chapter)

Anthony J. Dean

Michael Thompson

Spring 2002-The Third Millennial Dynasty (March 30, 2002)

Norman T. Pasley

Sherrick B. Orie

Fall 2002-The Fourth Millennial Dynasty (October 12, 2002)

Richard Severe

Hassan Mims-

Spring  2003- The Fifth Millennial Dynasty (April 2, 2003)

Jimmie Baker

Marcus K. Barnes

Fall 2004- The Sixth Millennial Dynasty (November 6, 2004) 

Jarret Eady

Fall 2005  The Seventh Millennial Dynasty (November 5, 2005) –

Presley Charles 

Bruce A. Smith 

Fall 2006-The Eighth Millennial Dynasty (November 18, 2006) – Centennial Pharaohs of the Golden Sands of Orion

Franzley Moise

Marvin Moise

Fernando Porter

Fall 2007-The Ninth Millennial Dynasty (November 17, 2007)

Jeffrey Branch

Cleo Stafford

Okanta Jackson

Fall 2008-The Tenth Millennial Dynasty (November 15, 2008) – The Teti Dynasty

Johnathon McGriff

Okera Anyabwile

Cornelius Brownlee

Brian Hooper

Richard Marcus

William Hudson

Fall 2009- Eleventh Millennial Dynasty (November 14, 2009) – The Seven Pharaohs of the Giza Plateau

William Hardy, III

Kennard Speed

Ira Wendell Bates

Makola Abdullah

Desmond Stephens

Herron Gaston

Linzie Bogan

Fall 2012-Twelfth Millennial Dynasty (November 12, 2012)

Jeremie Johnson

Breyon Glenn

Spring 2013-Thiteenth Millennial Dynasty (March 9, 2013) -The Pharaonic One

Jamal A. Brown

Fall 2015-Fourteenth Millennial Dynasty (November 14, 2015) – The Navigators of the Golden Nile

Adner Marcelin

Javon Merritt

Joseph Etienne

Darius Young

Alexander Jordan

Tyneal Haywood

Spring 2017-Fifteenth Millennial Dynasty (April 8, 2017) –The Seven Sons of Amen-Ra

Antwan Brooks

Donnie R. Johnson

Samuel Rowley

Terrance Ward

Adrian Williams

Damarius Carrol

Walter Davis

Spring 2019-Sixteenth Millennial Dynasty (March 16, 2019)-“The Seven Nubian Pharaohs of Kush (SNPK)”

Christopher Jenkins

LaDarius Gammage

Rodney Daniels

Emmanuel Manhiri

Willie E. Johnson, III.

Tashi Williams

Darel Robinson

Spring 2023-Seventeenth Millennial Dynasty (February 25, 2023)-“The Four Pharaohs of Luxor”

Dekywan Debose

Bertony Bornelus

Cyrus C. Calhoun

De’Garryan Andrews